Co-founders of Molecular Stethoscope

The two co-founders of Molecular Stethoscope are major contributors to the science behind circulating cell-free RNA-based diagnostics:

Stephen Quake

Stephen Quake, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Quake is the Lee Otterson Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics at Stanford University and an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. His interests lie at the nexus of physics, biology, and technology, where he has made numerous contributions to the fields of microfluidics, next generation sequencing, and genomic analysis.

Dr. Quake has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine, the American Physical Society and the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering. He is the recipient of numerous international

awards, including the Human Frontiers of Science Nakasone Prize, the MIT-Lemelson Prize for Innovation, the Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Biophysics, the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award, the American Society of Microbiology’s Promega Biotechnology Award, and the Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing’s Pioneer of Miniaturization Award.

He has founded or co-founded several companies, including Fluidigm, Helicos Biosciences, Verinata Health, Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, Moleculo Cellular Research and Immumetrix.

Eric Topol

Eric Topol, M.D.

Dr. Eric Topol is the Director of Scripps Translational Science Institute and Chief Academic Officer, Scripps Health. He is also the Gary & Mary West Chair of Innovative Medicine, a Professor of Genomics at the The Scripps Research Institute, and a Senior Consultant, Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Scripps Clinic.

Dr. Topol was voted the #1 Most Influential Physician Executive in the United States in 2012 in a national poll conducted by Modern Healthcare. His work focuses on genomic and wireless digital innovative technologies to reshape the future of medicine. He is a practicing cardiologist at Scripps in La Jolla, California and is widely credited for leading the Cleveland Clinic to become the #1 center for heart care. He is editor-in-chief of Medscape and

In 2012, he published a book called The Creative Destruction of Medicine which examined the impact of both the genomic and wireless revolutions on the health care system. In 2013, he appeared on the Colbert Report and examined the host Stephen Colbert using several devices featured in his book. His most recent book The Patient Will See You Now (2015) explores how smart phones, big data, and technology are combining to democratize health care.